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Sunday 4 January 2015

SPSS Guide for Basic Practice of Statistics

I've made some major updates to this introductory guide to SPSS. (Google docs link, but you can download from there)

It's a guide to using SPSS to answer homework problems from Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS), by Moore, Notz, and Flinger. Although it was originally made for a specific stats for social sciences course, I hope it's applicable beyond that.

The biggest change from the 2012 and 2013 versions is that the guide is no longer tooled around Elementary Statistics for Social Sciences by Levin, Fox, and Forde. Those versions will not be posted here because this 'elementary' textbook is better at teaching fear than statistics. Consequently the GLM procedure and logistic regression chapters have been removed from the SPSS guide.

The updates also includes more information about data manipulation specific to 'Basic Practise' such as random selection, sorting, and weighting data.

There is already a larger, official SPSS companion for this textbook, but my guide is intended to provide just what a novice student needs to get through their course, rather than be a comprehensive reference.

This work is freely available to share and was originally commissioned with a research grant from Simon Fraser University in 2012.

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