Lecture Notes Archive

Despite many professors, lecturers, and instructors teaching similar courses, many still re-invent every course they are assigned to teach. This is wasteful. To combat this waste, I've released here my notes, assignments, and exams for all the courses I have taught in the past.

Some courses, specifically 201 and 342, I have taught multiple times and as such there is a more robust collection of exams to draw from.

These notes are given as-is. Although I try to minimize typos and mathematical inaccuracies, some do creep in. In the cases of 302 and 305, when notes were frequently written in a rush late at night, there are more than a few typos.

Courses from Simon Fraser University:

Stat 300 - Statistical Writing and Communication (class in progress until April 2018)

Stat 410 – Sampling (class in progress until April 2018)

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