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Friday 5 December 2014

Scrabble Dungeon - The Cavern

Scrabble Dungeon is a crossword style game for 1 player. Turn-for-turn, it plays similarly to Scrabble, and has RPG elements like resource management and a modular presentation like Dungeons and Dragons.

This is a rough draft of the first module, in tabletop format.

Scrabble Dungeon - The Cavern

I have ambitions to make several of these modules, because I think there's a lot of fun mechanics and maps that can be slotted into the game without much difficulty. I'd also like to explore the possibility of making it an Android app in the future, potentially with ads and under a play-to-donate model.

If any of you could have a look at this, especially reading the rulebook (2 main pages + 1 appendix page), I'd appreciate it greatly. Is the rulebook simple enough? Does it leave unanswered questions? Does it need a turn by turn example? Making it easy to digest is my current concern.

Please get back to me in the comments or at jackd@sfu.ca

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