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Sunday 13 January 2019

Statistical Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

I've expanded the statistical thesaurus again, as well as made some crossword puzzles from them, for vocabulary study.

It has about 200 terms now, which isn't impressive compared to existing books, but it is enough to feed into a crossword compiler and generate several crosswords with minimal overlap. A lot of the new material is related to design of experiments because I updated this list in preparation for a design course.

However, I also formatted these terms into a csv that Crossword Compiler could use. In this 'crossword friendly' version, I also shortened the explanations by removing everything but one sentence from each term. As with the Jeopardy! crosswords, only one word was taken from terms/answers with multiple words; for example "Poisson distribution" became "Poisson" to make it fit into a crossword easier.

Crossword Friendly Statistical Terms

With only 200-ish terms, I could not make full New York Times style crosswords with minimal black squares, but I could make workable vocab puzzles.

Here are the first three crosswords made this way, as well as their solutions.

Statistics Crossword Puzzle 1
Statistics Crossword Puzzle 2
Statistics Crossword Puzzle 3

Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3

As with earlier editions, this one is automatically cross-referenced. The R script in the link below scans through the explanations in each of the terms, and looks for mentions of other listed terms. It then makes an HTML file with hyperlinks to those other terms. As the number of terms gets larger, this is becoming more important.

 Raw Text version.

 Automatic cross reference script. (And crossword list formatter)

Cross referenced version

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