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Monday 13 April 2015

Temporary Blogging Slowdown, Future Plans

It was my original intention to publish four posts on this blog throughout each week. However, I am currently in the last few months of my PhD thesis in Statistics at Simon Fraser University.

Most of my writing effort is being funneled into that in the hopes of defending before the end of next semester. As such, any posts that appear here until the thesis is submitted will be less frequent and of lower effort, such as the laser tag ranking post instead of the goal difference average posts.

With luck, there will be a burst of high-quality material here in here in the late summer and fall to make up for the slack and bring the average back to 4+ good posts per month. I have a lot left to write about, including:

- Snowball sampling and the network analysis work I'm doing currently.

- Milaap, Kiva, Sunfunder, and lending for good and profit.

- Driving forces behind application specific integrated integrated circuits (ASICs), specifically Bitcoin and Super Nintendo.

- FPGAs , and a pipe dream to build an ASIC for large matrix operations.

- Dealing with scrap textiles, composting, crafting, and future industrial needs.

- Some arguments for landfills being the future of mining. Methane harvests, leachate harvests, necessary drilling advances, and the possible gamification of sorting trash.

- Mental health in academia, and mental health personally.

- Many more kudzu levels.

- Plans for a kudzu app, and a pipe dream of making it a carbon negative game through ad revenue and the European Carbon Exchange.

- An essay on how we all suffer from  diversity defecits in heavily gendered fields, as written by a white, Anglophone, heterosexual, cis, middle class man from a nuclear family in the suburbs. (Not a satire, despite the title)

- ongoing development of a senior undergrad course on data formatting and management,

- more R package spotlights, with priority on mice for multiple imputation, and on gologit for modelling ordinal data.

- ongoing development of the R packette for sums of variables.

- ongoing development of an R packette on "debinning", and the methodology surrounding the partial recovery of within-bin data from binned data and covariate information.

- A 'to do' list for humanity, and preparation for a world of automation.

- A commentary on the energy transistion, peak child, and how the tar sands, arctic drilling, and shale fields  cannot possibly be profitable in the long term.

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