Jeopardy Crosswords

Here are the collection of crossword puzzles using clues derived from the show Jeopardy!. At the moment, this puzzles are in testing phase.

Whenever possible, a crossword clue is a (slightly) modified clue from an old Jeopardy episode, as found on J! Archive. At this stage typically 60-80% of the clues of any puzzle are made this way. The remaining ones are derived from word definitions in Webster's Dictionary, as found in Project Gutenburg here:

Alpha Testing Phase: Puzzles and Solutions 001-005
American style 15x15 and 17x17 crossword puzzles.
Known issues:
- Dictionary clues are often incomplete sentences.
- Jeopardy clues of the form (A and B) where part of the answer is blanked will sometimes also blank, and include the crossword answer, the word 'and'.

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